In keeping with the goals set in our strategy plan, for Laboratorios BIO-DIS the international market is the main focus of our plans for expansion.

Activity on the international market has grown progressively since 200, and in these past 16 years we have established our products on some of the most demanding and competitive markets in the world, strengthening our leadership in the export of food supplements from Spain.

Currently, Laboratorios BIO-DIS sells products on more than 40 countries across four continents, with an excellent brand image: Europe, Africa, Arab countries and Asia, where we have permanent distribution networks in the different sales channels, such as the diet, food supplement and pharmaceutical sectors.

We’ve achieved such a great position on the international market based on an ongoing policy of research, development and innovation, which has enabled us to launch products

in these markets that provide a range of solutions and perfectly meet the needs of increasingly demanding markets and customers.

Over all this time, our company’s know-how has become another important factor which, alongside the investments in cutting-edge technology, has constitutes added value to compete successfully on the international market. We also employ a team of highly qualified people

to assess and adapt our products to the most demanding health legislation, and to the requirements of presenting and labelling our products in each country, while also being able to provide a “just in time” response to customers, leading to continual improvements in the quality of service.

To our immense satisfaction, all these factors are helping our brands to grow more and more on the world market.


At Laboratorios BIO-DIS, we always felt that producing food supplements for the world market was the way to go, as back in the 90s our own international experiences showed us that food supplements and dietary products were in great demand in these countries, much more so than was available at that time in Spain.

Along these lines, when we began our own production and sales, at Laboratorios BIO-DIS we always had it in our minds that the market was a global one. The challenge was to create the demand for our products on the international market.

To achieve this goal, we needed to realise that as well as producing competitive products of the highest quality, with added value and guarantees, we also needed to adapt to specific international and local standards for every country where we hoped to sell our products.

Aspects such as the formula, the ingredients, formats, packaging, labelling in that country’s language, trends and traditions, and marketing strategies, among others, were all key factors in each respective country.

It’s now been more than 15 years since we took our first steps in exporting our products.

Every year we tackle new markets, and today, our greatest satisfaction at Laboratorios BIO-DIS is having seen our labels on the shelves in thousand of outlets, translated and adapted to a number of languages, such as English, Arabic, Polish, Azerbaijani, French, Greek, Italian, Norway, Portugal, Romanian, Chinese, Dutch, in more than 40 countries across the globe

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