The daily victory of wellbeing

Preferring what’s natural is knowing what your body needs. Choosing Pharma&Vitamins food supplements is a way of adding quality to your lifestyle.

Nature choses quality – why don’t you?

Score a victory for wellbeing every day with the ten food supplements of Pharma&Vitamins.

The daily intake of food supplements and
vitamins that helps all the family

Each supplement has a function

  • Helps the immune system to function normally
  • Helps with weight control
  • Takes care of hair and skin
  • Source of vitamins and minerals
  • Helps you fall asleep more quickly
  • Helps with physical and mental performance
  • Helps ensure regular bowel movements
  • Helps the heart to function normally
  • Source of proteins, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll

Find Pharma&Vitamins products at your usual supermarket.

Look after yourself. Score a victory for wellbeing

Browse our Pharma&Vitamins food supplements, taking great care of you day after day.


Discover the properties and advantages of Pharma&Vitamins products

Help where you need it


Providing a supplement to your daily diet

Easy to swallow

Great value for money

Practical and recyclable container

Labelling as per European standards

Easy to find, at your usual supermarket.

Big savings in your daily shopping

With the guarantee of Laboratorios BIO-DIS

Our supplements are available in a range of presentations.



Soft gelatin capsules (pearls)

Save every day with the efficient Pharma&Vitamins container

  • Fully recyclable packaging and hinged cap.
  • Packaging manufactured in PET, an eco-friendly plastic.
  • The yellow colour prevents light passing through, protecting the product at all times.
  • The hinged and hermitically sealed cap means the container can be opened up and then closed again to protect the contents.
  • The cap that never gets lost.

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