Working for wellbeing since 1992

At Laboratorios BIO-DIS we are very proud of our past, and of our excitement when setting up the business that has helped us to succeed with an ongoing positive evolution of all the management processes in our company, turning that initial dream into a reality, one that sets a base and which motivates us to keep growing and adding value, wealth and employment, as well as generating the confidence and overcome ever-more ambitious strategic goals in the near future.

Going back in time a little, Laboratorios BIO-DIS, S.L. was founded in 1992 by three siblings, Conchita, Javier and José María Cantarero de Artacho, in a small office in the calle Sierpes in Seville, importing dietary products chiefly from the USA.

In 1996 we extended the company’s corporate purpose and transferred to an industrial area. We decided to create Nature Essential, our first own brand for the herbal dietary channel, and which was initially produced by third parties.

In 1998 we decided to go one step further, and began producing our own Nature Essential brand in a factory of just over 200 square metres. Since then, year after year, we have continued to incorporate new technology and expand our facilities, with more automated machinery with a much higher production capacity.

In early 2000, we continued to research and started to develop new brands to cover the different sales channels in the sector. But we took things slowly,

studying and educating ourselves to learn more about the food supplements sector abroad, with a view to moving into the international market.

In terms of proximity, we began in our neighbouring country of Portugal, where we achieved our first commercial successes on the Iberian market. This positive experience motivated us to develop our brands and our products in other nearby countries, such as Italy, Belgium and Switzerland, with the idea of making our plans work to take over the European market.

In 2005 we made the ambitious decision to have a more global vision, analysing the food supplement sector in lots of other countries all over the world. This newfound knowledge gave us the confidence we needed, and led us to launch our brands onto a global market as part of our strategy plan, and since then we have continued to grow in terms of the number of countries, turnover and market share, bringing us to where we are today, with our products sold across four continents, and which has, happily, led to increased demand for our products on the international market.

In order to meet this growing demand for our brands on the global market, we’ve had to progressively expand our manufacturing facilities, which will continue to grow, incorporating machinery with greater production capacity and the latest technology to meet the demand forecast in our business plan.

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